Electrical and High Voltage Testing Solutions

GIS & Switchgear Testing

AC High Voltage Test Set - High Capacity

‘RE’ High Voltage High capacity testers are specially designed for testing cables and Electrical Equipment as per I.S Specifications. 

DC High Voltage Test Set - Portable (Hipot)

Portable DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing the underground cable for knowing the condition of cable-leakage at High Voltage.

Primary Current Injection Test Set

Primary Injection test sets are used to loading. Calibration and testing of CT's bimetals relays, Protection relays etc.

Secondary Current Injection Test Set

Secondary Injection Test Sets have been designed keeping in view the requirements of field and laboratory.

Million Mega Ohm Meter

Million mega ohm Meters are designed for measurement of insulation resistance of insulating materials, Electrical & Electronic Components,

Contact Resistance Meter

Contact resistance micro-ohm meter model RE-CR-100 is capable to measure resistance between 0.1 micro ohm to 20 milli ohm.

Electrical Test Bench

Electrical Test Bench is a solution for all your electrical equipment at one central point. It is used to test all the electrical equipments

Sphere Gaps

Sphere Gaps measurement is one of  the standard method used of measuring peak value of the high voltage either DC, AC and impulse voltage.

Kilo Volt Meters / Voltage Dividers

Kilo Volt Meter (kV) meters used to measure the kilo volt value of an Instrument Transformer, CT/PT etc.

Milli Volt Drop Test Set

MilliVolt Drop Test Set 0-100/200..3000Amp. is capable to measure millivolts between 1mV to 2000mV. 

Oil Di-Electric Test Set

A transformer Oil Breakdown Test Set is an equipment that measures the Di-electric Strength of the oil.

Variable Auto Transformers

Wherever voltage control is required, ‘RE’ Variacs makes it very simple by providing Toroidally wound Auto Transformer for variable voltage.

Micro-ohm Meter 10 Amps

‘RE’ Micro-ohm Meter 10 amps capacity 3.5 digit suitable to checking low resistance of copper wires and other conductors