High Voltage Testing Equipment & Solutions

Wire & Cable

AC High Voltage Test Set - High Capacity

‘RE’ High Voltage High capacity testers are specially designed for testing cables and Electrical Equipment as per I.S Specifications.

DC High Voltage Test Set - Continuous Type

This equipment is used for testing the underground cable, large Generator, Motor Transformer capacitor etc as per IS specification.

Partial Discharge Detection Setup

AC High Voltage High capacity testers are  specially designed for testing cables, Generators, National and International  Standards.

DC High Voltage Test Set - Stationary

AC High Voltage Test Sets - Cascaded are specially designed for testing electrical appliances as per I.S. Specifications.

DC High Voltage Test Set - Portable (Hipot)

Portable DC High Voltage Test Set is used for testing the underground cable for knowing the condition of cable-leakage at High Voltage.

Micro Ohm Meter

‘RE’ Micro-ohm Meter 1 amps capacity 3.5 digit suitable to checking low resistance of copper wires and other conductors

Million Mega Ohm Meter

Million mega ohm Meters are designed for measurement of insulation resistance of insulating materials, Electrical & Electronic Components,

High Voltage Spark Testers

High Voltage Spark Testers are designed for checking the quality of PVC coated wires during manufacturing at shop floor.

Sphere Gaps

Sphere Gaps measurement is one of  the standard method used of measuring peak value of the high voltage either DC, AC and impulse voltage.

Cable Fault Burning Unit

Cable Fault Burning Unit is used to convert high resistance fault into low resistance fault.

Heat Cycle Test

Heat Cycle Test Set is designed for working on 400 V, 2 phases of 3 phase AC supply.

Cable Termination Kits

Cable Oil Termination kit is used for HV withstand capability of a cable and to check partial discharge testing of PVC /XLPE/Elastomeric/Paper etc.

Pre Heater

Cable Preheater is suitable for heating of Copper or Aluminum wire in Extruder. It ensures removal of moisture from the conductor;